There has been widespread criticism of Trump in the

There has been widespread criticism of Trump in the

“I’m not going to tell you we have got it all worked out,” Nicholson said. “That’s exactly what we’re working on. How can we do this? We do not want people locked in their rooms like prison. There has been widespread criticism of Trump in the media. He said “our soldiers,” “our Flag” and “our National Anthem.” (Neither of the last two is a proper noun, Mr. Vice President.)Who is the “our”? This signals to a divide between “us” and “them,” which channels a form of racial tribalism where to be a “real American” is first and foremost to be “white.” Pence’s use of “our” is the same as Trump’s use of the phrase “our culture” when he speaks about the need to protect monuments that honor the white supremacist breakaway republic known as the Confederate States of America..

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