Their apartment lease had already been signed to new

Their apartment lease had already been signed to new

Though some communities use tax dollars to fund such actions, in the late 1980 one northern city and its then 27 year old newly elected mayor, Daniel J. Szostkiewicz, opted to launch a clean up the dregs of a decaying city landscape and move urban renewal giant steps forward by obtaining a federal grant for the walloping sum of two million dollars for clean up. There was a lot to clean up.

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So if we can ask people on earth to pray for us, how much more should we ask people in heaven to pray for us as well, as Mary has a very closeness to Jesus because she was his human Mother, and he made her the mother of His Church. In the Bible where Jesus is on the cross Jesus says to Mary and Apostle John the one whom he loved, “Woman behold thy son” and “Son behold thy Mother” therby giving His Mother to the church and the church to his mother. (John represented the church as he was one of the apostles to begin the carrying on of what Jesus started.).

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