She did, however, go on to appear in Robert

She did, however, go on to appear in Robert

In that round, the No. 5 seed will face No. 12, No. Later on I will write you more at length. In what I say in my annual address, I think you have misapprehended my words. The expression “by making the imputation that white women are instigators of heinous crimes between white and colored races” I meant that Miss Wells stated in her public addresses in England that white women in this country invited colored men to illicit intimacies and then turned about and laid the whole blame on them, and certainly gave the impression that many a lynching occurred as the result of such conduct on the part of two white women, who herself went scot free while the partner of her sin suffered the direst penalties of “Judge Lynch.” It seems to me this was most ill advised on her part.

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