Mr Parsons, on the end of his fourth concussion in a

Mr Parsons, on the end of his fourth concussion in a

You can take contact out of the sport, or you don have a sport anymore. Can football be made safer? Nate Jackson, a Denver Broncos wide receiver from 2003 2008, offers a novel idea: shorten the play clock, and do away with the huddle. This would tire the players out, draining their energy for high impact hits.

Today PaperPART II: Sport’s changing attitudes PART III: The dangerous effects of head knocks “MAYBE you should think about retiring.” The doctor’s prognosis hit Nathan Parsons like a semi trailer at full speed. Mr Parsons, on the end of his fourth concussion in a season, laid still on a hospital bed. The doctor’s words had echoed those of his father, an experienced sports trainer, just moments before.

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