It’s a modern American interpretation of an Irish pub

It’s a modern American interpretation of an Irish pub

There is one story though, that stands out from the rest. It’s the story of a woman that didn’t pass on by her own hand or that of simple fate. Her life was taken by another. I not a self hating American. Far from it. But there were parts of taking visitors to New York that left me reminiscent of a cousin, Claudio, as he took me around Potenza.

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With that seems to become this explosive amount of excess opportunity. You know I’m trying to kind of do this similar approach to my career that David Greene has had and I’m finding that the more favors I could do, the more I can just genuinely help the people, the more opportunities seem to come back even if it involves extra work or extra time commitment or whatever. That’s where that snowball for your career can really get going.

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