It was a correct interpretation because even though

It was a correct interpretation because even though

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wholesale jerseys from china The next two nights, the Nationals lost two more brutal games to the New York Mets. Every bullpen move Martinez tried exploded as Washington fell to 19 31 by May 23. The next few days, I met many people in the Nats organization. Examining it all as objectively and rationally as I always strive to do with any issue, here is what I have concluded so far. Supreme Court ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller that interpreted the Second Amendment to mean all citizens have the right to keep and bear firearms was a pragmatically cautious but correct interpretation.It was pragmatically cautious because so much of the population already possesses firearms that reversing away such a long held perceived right would likely be unenforceable, and attempts to enforce it would risk massive civil disobedience as with alcohol and drug prohibitions.It was a correct interpretation because even though an objective reading of the amendment seems to make gun possession contingent on being a member of a militia, the historical context in which it was written refutes that.In 1789, many Americans needed a firearm for hunting and protection, especially those folks living on or near the frontier. wholesale jerseys from china

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