“In mid April, Hitchens, 46, began documenting his

“In mid April, Hitchens, 46, began documenting his

Brian Hitchens, a rideshare driver who lives in Jupiter, downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus in Facebook posts in March and April.Brian Hitchens (WPTV)”I’m honoring what our government says to do during this epidemic but I do not fear this virus because I know that my God is bigger than this Virus will ever be,” he wrote in a post on April 2. “Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”In mid April, Hitchens, 46, began documenting his and his wife’s health on Facebook.”Been home sick for over a week. Both my wife and I home sick,” he wrote in a post on April 18.

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“I would have thought they would have [a Facebook] page. When I named this one I looked [for others], even using ‘4’ instead of ‘For’ Tulsa.””The City did not coordinate the Driller Golden Elon,” the mayor’s spokesperson wrote. “Mayor Bynum spoke at the community led event earlier this week.” Still, Bynum has made similar suggestions to redesign city structures in Musk’s image.

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