If you get nothing else out of this article

If you get nothing else out of this article

Preseason skinny: Britt, a three star recruit, is rated the No. 14 player in Virginia by Rivals and No. 36 by 247Sports. Tara Reade, who alleges former Vice President Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 when she worked for him in the Senate, will no longer be represented by prominent MeToo lawyer Douglas H. Wigdor, The New York Times reports. Wigdor, a supporter of President Trump who has also represented women in sexual assault and discrimination cases against Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly, took Reade on as a client two weeks ago.Though Wigdor did not give a reason for why he would no longer represent Reade, he emphasized that the decision is “by no means a reflection on whether then Senator Biden sexually assaulted Ms.

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