Felice got asked to represent the region in the

Felice got asked to represent the region in the

The JFK Assassination and the Jack Ruby InterviewDorothy Kilgallen was particularly upset at the assassination of President Kennedy. Once on a special White house tour with her youngest son Kerry, JFK took the time to chat with Kerry and look at some art work created by his third grade class. The president even gave Kerry a PT 109 lapel pin.

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The 29 year old chef owner of Viaggio in Wayne, New Jersey, had opened his second restaurant, a dry aged Italian chophouse called Osteria Crescendo in Bergen County, last April. Both establishments were ranked in New Jersey Monthly magazine’s 30 Best Restaurants list, a respected barometer of quality for the state. Felice got asked to represent the region in the Barilla Pasta World Championship, and the James Beard Foundation named him a semifinalist for their 2020 Rising Star award for chefs under 30..

The world should be very concerned with what Israel is up to in Azerbaijan. The Israelis are using four abandoned, Soviet era airfields in Azerbaijan to prepare for an attack on Iran in the very near future. Intelligence and diplomatic officials are certain that after the attack on Iran, Israeli jets will land on the airbases in Azerbaijan.

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