En lisant les directives sur l’ouverture de la

En lisant les directives sur l’ouverture de la

The “mm” designation on your lens (35mm, 50mm, 18 55mm, etc.) is a measure of the lens’ focal length. In short, the lower the number, the smaller the focal length, the wider the angle your lens uses. Higher mm numbers have a higher focal range. We are still quite territorial. The difference is when you stumble into a wolf’s territory, the wolf will just eat you. Human’s have evolved into name calling, window breaking and cross burning.

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The new study’s findings cannot necessarily be extrapolated to people with mild illness at home or those, like Trump, who are taking the antimalarials as a prophylactic. The president stunned many doctors earlier this week when he said he was taking a pill “every day” despite FDA warnings that the use of the drug should be limited to those in a hospital setting or in clinical trials. (He has since said he is close to finishing his course of treatment and would stop taking the medication in “a day or two.”).

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