But then Cecil Fielder and Rob Deer homered in the

But then Cecil Fielder and Rob Deer homered in the

And he started this season with eight more scoreless innings.But then Cecil Fielder and Rob Deer homered in the ninth inning.Morris, who became a free agent soon after the Series and signed with Toronto for $10.85 million for two years, struck out seven, walked three and was in trouble only once before the ninth. He made his record 13th consecutive opening day start breaking a tie with Tom Seaver and Robin Roberts and pitched his sixth season starting complete game.Pat Borders hit a two run homer and John Olerud also connected off 20 game winner Bill Gullickson. Dave Winfield, also playing his first game for Toronto, went three for four, and drove in 1992’s first run with a first inning single.Minnesota 4, Milwaukee 2 The Twins opened defense of their World Series championship with a victory at Milwaukee.

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