But he has only one major individual trophy (Calder)

But he has only one major individual trophy (Calder)

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Players categoryDaniel Alfredsson: The heart and soul of the Ottawa Senators for 17 seasons, he spent the final year of his career in Detroit and has been eligible for the Hall since 2017. His statistics are good enough (444 goals, 1,157 points) and his international resume is highlighted by four Olympic appearances with Sweden. But he has only one major individual trophy (Calder) and did not win the Stanley Cup..

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Thought now that he out, we should be able to handle this. He came back in the second (period) that night and he might scored a couple of goals. He got the game close and, in the end, the offense was just really hot that weekend and I think we scored eight or nine the first night and then six or seven the second night..

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