As for Peter, he’s still teaching because he wants

As for Peter, he’s still teaching because he wants

The COVID 19 crisis and the consequent lockdown has brought about special misery for migrant workers. Thousands of them took to the road on foot with family and children in a state of shock due to the sudden lockdown without any warning. Many thousands are still hoping to be carried by trains and buses specially arranged for them but with uncertainty about who will foot the bill.

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You will have that feel that you’re miserable because you miss terribly; you’re broken hearted and distraught. You’re easily distracted and confused about what happened, what went wrong and why your relationship ended. There’s this feeling of giving up, letting him go and just accept what happened.

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And do you factor economies of scale when calculating properties/numbers? In expensive markets does the 1% rule ALWAYS apply? At what rent roll over the PITI would you feel comfortable even if it didn’t reach 1%?Thank you for the nice words. The rent increase that we were able to achieve there has been incredible. As for Peter, he’s still teaching because he wants to.

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