1 seed since 1970 to be in the divisional round

1 seed since 1970 to be in the divisional round

We heard it about 10,000 times over the course of that week: The first No. 1 seed since 1970 to be in the divisional round. It wasn just us who embraced it. Probably the most hilarious (or embarrassing) bit for ASU students was a highlight reel of a “Tweet and Greet,” in which an endless stream of student traded insults with the Tosh, who got a choice quip about how “There’s a lot of chlamydia here, apparently.” At least he didn’t refer to the university as “the Harvard of date rape,” like those rascals over at The Daily Show.In 2012, Frank Ocean made waves by coming out on his Tumblr page, gently shattering the glass ceiling in the notoriously homophobic circles of hip hop and R But he did more than that with the song “Thinking Bout You.” He finally let the rest of the country know that it doesn’t rain much here. “It usually doesn’t rain in Southern California / Much like Arizona / My eyes don’t shed tears/ But, boy, they bawl when I’m thinking ’bout you,” Ocean sings with achingly gorgeous tone. In all seriousness, Channel Orange, Ocean’s full length, major label debut is one of the year’s finest, and “Thinking Bout You,” which effortlessly recalls the perfection of Prince and D’Angelo, is one of the record’s most affecting moments.

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